Tracy was born in Edmonton Alberta, Canada. Primarily self-taught, Tracy has been drawing since childhood. In high school, she began to use color, eventually experimenting with paint. After a career in cartography for 10 years, a renewed interest and energy came into Tracy’s painting. Tracy does most of her work in oil on masonite. By painting several thin layers, Tracy is able to achieve a smooth, translucent look.

Tracy finds the North American Indians a fascinating people to portray. Her paintings contain immense sensitivity towards the history of these people, and each painting has it’s own story to tell. Tracy often chooses her subjects based on their personality and how it shines through to their exterior image.

The work of Tracy Gardner is displayed in galleries across Alberta, as well as in several private collections throughout North America. Tracy’s work is rapidly increasing in popularity due in part to the use of her painting by the Mikisew Cree First Nation and other groups. People find Tracy Gardner’s paintings to contain a piece of history and nature that is lacking from modern life. Alive and beating, Tracy’s paintings convey a variety of intensely beautiful emotions.