My watercolor paintings are inspired by a strong connection with our pristine wilderness and the depth of life that exists within it. It is my belief that good composition is created through the least amount of brush strokes creating a style that is a combination of impressionism and realism. This to me, best describes our wilderness. The eye cannot take in every detail. It does, however, scan the subtle beauty that nature so often provides.

I choose the medium of watercolor due to its paradoxical relationship to the complexity and fragility of our natural landscapes. Watercolor, as in nature, cannot be controlled. The more I give in to the medium, the more dramatic painting I am able to create.

Born in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada in 1958, Randy's passion for the outdoors was nurtured early on as a young boy living in the rugged interior of British Columbia.

At the age of six, his family moved back to Alberta, and again, Randy's connection with nature sparked countless excursions exploring the Swan Hills area where early charcoal sketches materialized.

Images from his extensive portfolio, showcasing a celebration of pristine landscapes, spectacular wild flowers, untamed wildlife & birds of prey, have reached destinations on all 7 continents! Randy's originals have been commissioned for collections including the Alberta Legislative Assembly, and the Regional Director General of Environment Canada.

Conventions of national & international status have commissioned Randy's original paintings, lithographs, and "Wearable Art" line, for delegates, honored guests, and corporate collections.

The National Parks continue to be a strong inspiration for Randy, in the expression of his passion for our pristine wilderness, through the medium of watercolor.