Gracie Jane was born in Sexsmith, Alberta in 1951, raised in Nova Scotia and finally settled in Edmonton. She has been painting in her unique collage-style since she was 12.

For 7 years, Gracie Jane owned and operated a retail store called “Gracie Jane Originals”, where she sold wearable art. These outfits, which stand out in any crowd, attracted much attention, gaining several newspaper articles on Gracie.

From a 210 foot teddy-bear mural at the University of Alberta Hospital New Emergency Wing to having paintings purchased by David Letterman, Gracie Janes’s artistic experience is varied and ever increasing. She has participated in festivals such as The Edmonton Fringe and the Artwalk, as well as painted murals in restaurants all over North America.

Gracie Jane’s style of flowing, colorful characters are cheerful, much like Gracie’s personality. Energetic, emotional and fun, Gracie Jane adds joy to the world through her beautiful art.