Graham Flatt is a western artist whose watercolors reflect his passion for painting.

Primarily self-taught in the areas of design and composition, Flatt has attended a variety of watercolor workshops over the years. His dedication to watercolor painting has allowed him to experience many influences which has ultimately resulted in his signature style of painting. Flatt is a very bold, direct painter with an emphasis on strong design elements. Working with a limited palette, Flatt maintains a delicate balance between passion and design.

Graham was awarded the Ralph “Tuffy” Berg Award for the Best New Artist at the 2000 C. M. Russell Auction of Original Western Art in Great Falls, Montana.

Since then, Flatt has emerged as one of Canada’s top western watercolorist with numerous sold out shows throughout Canada and the United States.

When not working in his Millet, Alberta, studio, Flatt enjoys teaching watercolor workshops around the country.